Our first fete!

When we started dreaming about party planning and brainstorming how we could turn our creative ideas into a business, we kept coming back to the fact that we KNOW how to throw amazing events. BUT, we didn’t always get the amazing photos or special time with our guests that we truly craved. I remember literally racing for my camera at Jennie’s daughter’s fourth birthday as Vivi stared horrified at the beautiful sparkler candle buzzing in her face.  Not the response Jennie had hoped for, but the rest of the room couldn’t help but laugh at the situation while singing happy birthday. This lead to  our a-ha moment! Who was taking photos of small family events like birthday parties? And, was there someone out there that could take care of the hosting duties so Jennie could just mingle with her guests?

We had discovered our niche! Even a mom that LOVES to throw unique, Pinterest-worthy parties and has everything ready-to-go ahead of time, didn’t quite get to enjoy it as much as she should or capture it the way she had planned. Insert our vision, a team of multi-tasking, creative mamas that can help you rock party planning and knock out all those last minute details that have a way of sneaking up on you. And, we’ll photograph all of the special moments that you’re too busy living – because that’s what life is really about, right? You can always light up your Instagram and Facebook feeds with our snapshots later on.

Just so you know, we are not your typical event planners. We aren’t searching for that once-in-a-lifetime wedding type gig. We want to help every day moms, LIKE US, who just want to enjoy the party and revel in the fact that the rest is taken care of. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary, or baby shower, we firmly believe these parties don’t get the concierge service they deserve.

So, back to the brainstorming portion of this post…while telling a good friend about our business idea, she said “I NEED YOU! My husband and I will be throwing a BIG  fortieth birthday party and I would love to hire you!” From there, we met with Patty to discuss party décor she would need to order, plan some easy-to-serve menu items, and  help her decide on the floor layout – food and beverage stations, seating arrangements and where to set up our photobooth (spoiler: it was a HUGE hit!).

On the day of the event, we arrived early, plated and arranged food (complete with fresh clippings from her garden for added drama), set up the decor, and welcomed guests. Throughout the evening, we restocked plates, snapped hundreds of photos, and even surprised the hosts with a custom game designed to complement their party theme – did we mention it was a costume party? Last but not least, we supplied champagne jello shots as a special door prize!

The event went off without a hitch and the guests were delighted by all of the extra touches. But, most important, the typically hands-on hosts got to ENJOY the celebration with their friends and family. Our idea was a smashing success!

Thanks again to Patty and Tim for allowing us to join their party! We can’t wait to be a part of yours too.

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